IMCPI's Summer Camp program(the Year 2020, Shanghai)

Dear Parents:

  We understand that sending your children to China is not a simple decision, and we totally understand the parent's concerns and anxieties. Therefore, I am writing this sincere letter to you all, our team will give your kids support 24/7, and our friendly and experienced team will ready to answer their questions and solve problems at any time and ensure their safety. Here are some features that will loosen your worries:

  1. Weekly update: we will send parents messages weekly, which is including camp's images and keep parents updated with their children's situation 

  2. Contact: Our school and campus provide free Wi-Fi and children can keep contact with their parents at any time

  3. Cultural shock/homesick: We are experienced in handling situations like this, and have special Danish and Chinese fusion activities to ensure their happiness. If they still cannot handle it, remember this summer camp only lasts for two weeks.

  4. Meal plan and transportation: Those are all included so that they can travel in the city freely.

  5. Accommodation: We will arrange your children to a modern, clean and safe hostel where is located in the city centre with Wi-Fi, Air conditioner, restaurant, and hangout area, to letting your kids accommodate comfortably.

  6. Learn Chinese: Our award-winning teaching methodology will make your children learn the language easier and less time-consuming. Studies suggested that learning a new language is more challenging with an ascending age, therefore why not letting them study Chinese when they are still young?

   Finally, our priority is to let your kids have valuable and memorable time in China with a safe and friendly atmosphere, we sincerely wish every kid enjoy their time at our summer camp.




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