Chinese words for Labour Day

April 19, 2021

Labour Day has an interesting background. It was originated in the USA following a strike which took place on May 1st in Chicago: the US workers realized that their working hours were too long (around 12-16 hours), so they decided to fight for more leisure time. And this is how the modern international Labour Day vacation was formed. In most countries people are given a day off on May 1st, and China even granted a generous 7-day holiday to its citizens. In 2008 this long vacation was shortened to 3 days, but luckily this year the length was again extended - this time for up to 5 days. However, in the USA - original place where the Labour Day was created - there is no day off on May 1st; the government have chosen September 1st to celebrate this day instead. In Chinese Labor's Day is 劳动节,and 劳动 means ‘to work hard’, so the full phrase literally means "a festival to work hard". Today we will teach you some Chinese words for the Labour Day: 

  • 工人(gōng rén)- Workers

  • 工作(gōng zuò)- Work

  • 休假(xiū jiǎ)- Vacation

  • 权益(quán yì)- Rights

  • 罢工(bà gōng)- Strike 

  • 奖金(jiǎng jīn)- Bonus

  • 带薪休假(dài xīn xiū jiǎ )- Paid Leave

  • 请假(qǐng jiǎ)- Excuse

  • 福利(fú lì)- Welfare

  • 规则(guī zé) - Regulations


Written by Francesco Peng for IMCPI