How to take taxi in China

May 24, 2021

Taxi [Chūzūchē - 出租车] in China is a very common mean of transport, it is both cheap and very convenient to cover distances which are probably too big if you go by bicycle but too short to take metro.


Many foreigners arriving in Shanghai have to face this awkward situation of getting out of taxi kilometers far from the actual destination thanks to an absolute misunderstanding between them and the driver.


What we suggest to avoid such situations - is to always keep your navigation on and to learn at least a minimum of useful vocabulary to give directions to the driver if you feel that he's taking the wrong way. And trust us, this may happen often as names of many streets sound similar in Chinese, and if you don't use the right tone, the driver can simply bring you to the opposite side of the city!


And using a simple structure "Wǒ fù..." will definitely be useful to express your preferred way of payment.

Wishing you safe and quick trips!

Written by Yulia Chiaradia for IMCPI