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What is IMCPI and what do we do?

-IMCPI stands for International Mandarin Chinese Promotion Institute. Originally, IMCPI was a mandarin learning school. After our founder's inspirational European trip, IMCPI is transiting to a Chinese culture and language centre based in Denmark. In 2019, IMCPI offers Chinese learning courses, summer camp and gap year program. For more stories about IMCPI, please visit about us page.

Where is IMCPI located?

-We have two locations: our main office is in Denmark and learning campus is in Shanghai

Do I need a visa for entering China?

-Yes, unless you are from the following countries: Japan, Qatar, Singapore, Brunei, Armenia. If you are not from those countries, you will need a tourist visa for even stepping your foot on the soil of China. For more information about China Visa Exemption, please visit: 

How many different types of Chinese visa?

There are 13 types of Chinese visa: 

  1. L: Tourist visa

  2. M: Business visa

  3. F: Non-commercial visa

  4. Z: Work visa

  5. X1: Study visa(exceed 6 months)

  6. X2: Study visa(below 6 months)

  7. S1: Private visa(exceed 180 days)

  8. S2: Private visa(30-90 days)

  9. Q1: Family visa(exceed 180 days)

  10. Q2: Family visa(up to 120 days)

  11. C: Crew visa

  12. G: Transit visa

  13. Group visa(at least 5 members)

What type of visa can IMCPI sort out for me?

-In order to comply with the recent visa policy in China, Currently, we can provide L visa and X2 visa for our customers.

Is there any refund policy if I need to cancel the course?

-Please contact our sales team.

How long does the course/activities last?

-Depends on which course or activities you are enrolling, regular Chinese courses last between 2 weeks and 6 months. Summer Camp usually lasts 1-2 weeks. It really depends on how you want to set up your schedule. For more information, please go to our service page or contact us.

What level of Chinese should I study?

-IMCPI covers the material of HSK level 1-6. If you have never studied Chinese, we strongly recommend you to take HSK level 1. If you are unsure about your level, our teachers will give you a test and estimate your level.

Can I take HSK exam at IMCPI?

-Yes, IMCPI is a certified HSK spot with all levels(1-6).

Does IMCPI provide me an internship opportunity in China?

-Please contact our sales team

Does IMCPI compensate for our accommodation and airport drop off/pick up?

Yes, everyone who enrolls our course or activity will automatically receive a welcome pack from IMCPI, both accommodation and airport drop off are included. 


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