Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions.

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About Us

What is IMCPI?

IMCPI stands for International Mandarin Chinese Promotion Institute.

Where is IMCPI located?

Currently IMCPI has two locations: the main office in Denmark and a learning campus in Shanghai.

What is a bi-tutor system?

Bi-tutor system is a teaching methodology developed by IMCPI. It means that we offer every student a unique opportunity to study Mandarin with the most suitable teacher from our professional base. Our advanced algorithm allows us to match students' goals, interests and values with the personal and professional background of our teachers. The goal of this approach is to provide to our students the most personalized, goal-oriented and pleasant experience. For instance, if our student's interest / specialization / career focus is IT (Information Technology) and he values interactive ways of studying, we will try to match him/her with a teacher, whose university degree/ professional background includes dealing with IT, and who shows enthusiasm towards alternative means of teaching.


Can I get a trial lesson?

Yes, we provide a pack of 10 trial (free) lessons for our new students. You can book your first trial class by submitting a form or by contacting us in any way that you find convenient.

How long does the full course last?

Depends on which course you are planning to attend and how you prefer to set up your schedule. However we also provide HSK exam preparation packages with a specified duration (depending on a difficulty level) - please visit the HSK section.

How can I understand which level of Chinese I should start with?

IMCPI covers the material of HSK level 1-6. If you have never studied Chinese we strongly recommend you to start with HSK level 1. If you are unsure about your language skills our teachers will give you a test to estimate your level.

How the lessons are scheduled?

Depends on the form of studies. If you choose private classes, you will not only be able to arrange date & time convenient for you, but also shift lessons if necessary (both upon agreement with your teacher). In case you choose to become part of a group class, date & time for your lessons will be fixed upon preliminary agreement with our teachers and other students.

In which language are classes taught?

Depends on your Mandarin level. For HSK level 1 teachers will mainly communicate with you in English; for levels 2-3 - partly in English; for level 4 and up - mainly in Chinese. You can get acquainted with HSK levels in Classes --> Preparing for HSK exam --> Learn abo

Can you tell more about your teachers?

Our teachers are selected through strict qualifications, they are certified by Pearson UK with ample teaching experience and marvellous communication skill. All our teachers are native Chinese speakers who have finished their university degrees and also got qualified through the IMCPI obligatory teaching certification. We engage most of our teachers as part-time teachers in order to let them continue enriching their professional experience and then sharing it with our specialized students.

How many people are there in a group class?

The group usually consists of 2-5 students which allows our teachers to pay individual equal attention to all students.

Do you offer classes for absolute beginners?

Sure, if you have never studied Mandarin before, our teachers will explain you the basics and help you begin your language trip.

What is the duration of a single class?

The basic duration of a lesson is 1 hour. However you may decide to increase the number of hours per lesson, in this case the cost of lesson will be recalculated according to our pricing policy.


Can I take the HSK exam at IMCPI?

In current situation (due to Covid-19 restrictions) HSK exams can be only taken online. However we can help you prepare and register for the exam and provide you with all necessary guidelines.

Do you provide assistance in registering for the exam?

Yes, we will help you prepare documents, book necessary appointments and proceed with payments.

Visa assistance

Do I need a visa to enter China?

Yes, unless you are from the following countries: Japan, Qatar, Singapore, Brunei, Armenia. If not, you will need a tourist visa even to make a step out of the airport. For more information please visit: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/visa/intro2.htm

Can IMCPI issue a visa for me? Which type of visa can I get?

In order to comply with Chinese visa policies we can provide assistance to our customers in obtaining X2-type student visas.

Refund Policy

Is there any refund policy if I need to cancel the course?

Please, contact our Sales department.