Five Guys, president Obama's favorite, opened in Shanghai

May 19, 2021

In Shanghai you have an opportunity to taste an enormous variety of Chinese food but sometimes you may start missing food that you are more familiar with: for example, a tasty burger. In Shanghai you get to find lots of western food, including burgers, and we are now not speaking about international fast-food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, White Castle, Carls Jr etc. Therefore, finding a good comforting western food is not a big problem in Shanghai these days, but this news may still be worth your attention: recently another famous American burger chain entered Shanghai: Five Guys. About a year ago Shake shack entered Shanghai and immediately became a piece of big news to foodies in the city, and today Five Guys is here! 


If you are from the States - no more introduction needed, but if you are from other countries and haven't tried Five Guys before, you may wonder what makes it special? Well, this fast-food chain was accredited by the former U.S President Barack Obama, some open sources even suggest that Five Guys is his favorite place to grab a burger. 


Five Guys was originated in Florida, and there are three specialities about it: 

(1) Fries. Five Guys' fries are cooked with peanut oil, and before cooking chefs make sure that every potato is fresh. 

(2) Toppings: usually you don't get to pick toppings for your burger, especially in Shanghai, but at Five Guys you get to pick your preferred toppings, and normally without extra charge! 

(3) You get to taste a bucket of peanuts for free!

So where can I find the Five Guys? The answer is Middle Huai Hai Road, no. 939 (淮海中路, 939号). Make sure to arrive there as early as possible, otherwise, you may result in queueing for at least 30 minutes! 


Written by Francesco Peng for IMCPI