IMCPI is launching the first project: a FREE HSK level 1 course package!!Normally when you are looking for language schools, they usually offer you a free trial class, but at IMCPI, we have FOUR! It means even you don't choose to continue our course; you will still learn some contents and will be able to speak and read some Chinese phrases and sentences, without any costs! Each class lasts 45 minutes and will let students to practice speaking and listening and some part of reading and writing, each student can also ask questions to their personal tutor after the class. All those contents come from HSK level 1 ~3 standard textbook

Where to enroll?

You will need to complete a survey to win this spot, it won't take long!

Please copy and paste this link:

How to take this class?

Step 1: 

After you complete our survey, you will receive a confirmation email from IMCPI within 48 hours. If you haven't received any emails from us after 48 hours since you have completed the survey, please contact us at: 

Step 2: 

You will study this package online, and the platform which we are using is called: Talkline. 

Click this link to download:





When you go to their website, find "立即下载” and click it, then you will start downloading it.

*Note: This is a software which allows you to share notes and ppt slides while having a class. It is a Chinese brand, however if your device's language is English, it will automatically translate to the English version after you have downloaded it, so don't worry if you can't understand Chinese yet ;)

Step 3: 

After you have made an account, you will see this:

You will join our class by puting the Meeting ID which is sent by email.  Afterthat, you are are all set!

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