IMCPI's Intensive Regular Chinese course(20hrs/week)

  • Course feature: ​​

  1. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday has 6 classes; Every Tuesday and Thursday has 4 classes.

  2. 24 classes in total(weekly).

  3. Each class lasts 45 minutes.

  4. Each class consists of 4-8 people.

  5. Students may come from different countries.

  6. Each class has one professional teacher and several assistance teachers, each student has his/her exclusive assistance teacher as his/her personal teacher. This is how we comply with our bi-tutor system.

  7. For more information about course content, please click here to download our Regular Chinese course schedule.

  • Course Package includes:​

  1. 20 Chinese classes weekly​.

  2. Customized study progress and feedback.

  3. Accommodation(optional): expenses cover water, shower, electricity,internet,furnace.

  4. Cultural activity: click here download our cultural activity sheet to see more details.

  5. airport pick up/drop off(optional).

  6. 24/7 emergency support;entry registration.

  7. Welcome pack: city map, transportation card, textbooks, IMCPI designed school bag. 

  8. Free Chinese E-learning materials including usernames and passwords for ChinesePod.

  9. Additional services: Chinese visa application, domestic tour, flight ticket reservation, etc.

  • Price chart: *If you are using mobile to view our website, the price chart won't shown and if you want to view the full chart, please switch to the desktop version.

*1: our price is listed by Euros, if you are not from Europe and for your convenience, please check our currency converter below the price chart.

*2: We charge our registration fee for €65.

*3:If you require an accommodation, we will charge you €95 extra monthly. 

*4: The maximum time length for any changes on the course is 9 months.

*5: Four weeks= One month.

  • Enrolment date and flexibilities(2020):

        Please download our newest schedule table by clicking here.


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