International Nurse Day

May 12, 2021

On 12th of May 1974 Florence Nightingale was born - and it was her who later became the symbol of the International Nurse Day.


Florence Nightingale was a British social reformer who devoted big part of her life to nursing. Her journey began in the tough war times, she was stationed in a hospital of Istanbul taking care of the injured British soldiers. Upon arrival she got struck by the desperate condition of facilities, so the rest of her activities were aimed towards improving the poor condition of medical facilities, supplies and services: in other words, she initiated the whole reformation of the previously established nursing system. 

Thanks to her contribution we are now able to receive the whole range of medical aid and services while staying in a hospital. It is important to realize that the job that modern nurses are doing is very complicated, stressful and mentally exhausting: sometimes nurses have to stay by the patient day and night, assist in all kinds of medical procedures and post-operational activities, forget about their private life and devote it to saving other people’s lives instead.

Today let’s pay honor and tribute to all of the nurses around the world and the incredible work they do! Especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we should never forget about nurses, who show unbelievable dedication to their profession and stay with patients, monitoring their state of health and not letting them be left without physical aid and mental support 24/7.

If you have recently been in a hospital under nursing surveillance, today is a good day to come back with a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine: take this opportunity to show a nurse who has been taking care of you how much you appreciate it!

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Written by Yulia Chiaradia for IMCPI