Learning new countries

March 27, 2021

Nowadays some cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are becoming very international, hosting hundreds of thousands of foreigners of all nations. 

You may find it useful, especially if you are only beginning your Mandarin trip, to know how some of the countries are called and pronounced in Chinese. We have prepared a list of countries, members of which you can see on the streets of China every single day!

1. China - Zhōngguó [中国]

2. USA - Měiguó [美国]

3. Russia - Èluósī [俄罗斯]

4. Great Britain - Yīngguó [英国]

5. Italy - Yìdàlì [意大利]

6. Spain - Xībānyá [西班牙]

7. Germany - Déguó [德国]

8. France - Fàguó [法国]

9. Ukraine - Wūkèlán [乌克兰]

Can you feel some similarities in pronunciation of these countries versus their English names? 

*PS: Take a closer look at characters of which China, USA, Great Britain, Germany and France are composed. Noticed the same symbol? 

国 - guó - means "country".


Written by Yulia Chiaradia for IMCPI