Electronic devices

May 17, 2021

Electronic devices.jpg

Written by Yulia Chiaradia for IMCPI

If we ask you - which one thing you cannot imagine your life without - what would be your answer? Wait...let us guess. A mobile phone, right?

The first portable (wireless) phone was announced by Motorola in year 1973, and its weight was around 2 kilos. For the next 20 years pace of technological development remained rather slow and was focused more on reducing weight and increasing affordability of phones, rather than on their functionality. Phones remained - first of all - phones, radios were used to listen to music, TV's - to watch news, films and other entertainment channels.

Things changed dramatically in year 2007 with the announcement of an iPhone. Since then the real technological boom began, forcing more and more technological brands enter the "race" and introduce something special. As a result, in the past 10-20 years the new technologies have stormed our lives overwhelmingly. 

But if you are living in China, it means that you are addicted to your smart devices more than anyone else in the world. The whole life here is "packed" in a single smartphone, including your ID, bank accounts, health codes, insurances etc. In the next lesson we will learn some common phrases that can be used in a tricky situation if your smartphone got lost or uncharged - but first let's learn the names of the most common devices that we use on a daily basis!

For your convenience we also attach a list of most known electronic brands, and how they are pronounced in Chinese: 

                      -    苹果    - Píngguǒ

                                         -    小米    - Xiǎomǐ

                                       -    三星    - Sānxīng



                                   -    飞利浦    - Fēilìpǔ



                                        -    华威    - Huáwēi



                                         -    索尼    - Suǒní