Our teaching methodology: Bi-tutor system

Should I do a group class or one on one? Here at IMCPI, we offer both. Our daily lesson is divided into two parts: (1) the first half of the lesson, you will learn Chinese with our experienced experts and a bunch of classmates from different countries. (2) After the compulsory and foundational learning part, we will find a matching Chinese tutor from our relaxing Chinese corner. Here, you are learning Chinese in a fun way: You can share your questions and feedback from your previous Chinese class, our teachers will make sure to giving you efficient feedback so that you could be well-prepared for your next class. On the other hand, you can also learn Chinese by chatting random subjects with your exclusive tutor and organize cultural activities with him/her!

One course, two teachers

Click the play button and see how our current students enjoying their lives in China with IMCPI!

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