New HSK level system introduced

April 1, 2021

New HSK Exam System has been officially introduced!

“HSK is about to be reformed” - this news was spread by the HSK Examination Center in its official Twitter account (@HSKTestOfficial) about a year ago.

Since then a question about new HSK levels and evaluation methods has become one of the biggest concerns for all students preparing for the exam.

This concern received its legal basis on the 31st of March, when China’s Ministry of Education have confirmed that the existing 6-level HSK system will be replaced with a new one, consisting of 9 (!) levels. The new system will come into action on July 1, 2021.

According to the new standard, international students will be classified into 3 stages and 9 levels, and the assessment will be based on four fundamental elements of Mandarin - syllable, character, vocabulary, and grammar. Each level will have specific requirements given in a table below.

Old VS New HSK 2021 table.jpg

Most probably the necessity of introducing a more complicated system was connected with insufficient accuracy of previous test results interpretation.

What do you think about this renewed system?

Written by IMCPI team