IMCPI was established and registered in the city of Dublin, Ohio, the USA with an ultimate goal of providing people around the world with high-quality Chinese tutoring services.

IMCPI obtained a license for teaching.













Established in the USA

License obtained

G.A.M.E. methodology

IMCPI released the G.A.M.E. teaching methodology based on theory, examples, games, and multimedia. The four-step teaching method has won wide popularity among foreign Chinese learners

New office in Shanghai. Bi-tutor approach.

New branch in Shanghai, China, was opened, becoming one of the first certified Mandarin-learning centers ran by experienced professionals rendering unique bi-tutor teaching approach. Assisted by an advanced algorithm IMCPI matches students with the most suitable teachers and provide flexible, intelligent and professional learning experience both on-site and on-line.

New teaching concept.

Cooperation with Edexcel (UK).

IMCPI introduced the new teaching concept "What You Study Is What You Use" based on experiencing the Mandarin language. 

Based on the professional and academic authority of IMCPI, Edexcel (Pearson), the UK's famous professional qualification and academic examination body with a history of more than 70 years, signed a memorandum of cooperation with IMCPI.

The DSI approach. Teaching Mandarin abroad. Academic exchange with Hanban Institute.

IMCPI released Dynamic and Static Interval Approach (DSI, Static Interval Approach).

The ARP approach. New exclusive status.

Official Release of the All Role-Playing Approach (ARP).

Edexcel, a subsidiary of Pearson Education Group, officially announced that IMCPI will be the only international Chinese language teacher standard provider in the world, and will be promoted in its partner institutions in 112 countries.

IMCPI was invited to provide Chinese language teaching services to the curators and staff of the pavilions of the USA, Spain, Luxembourg and other countries.

On May 22, Hanban, a member of the Chinese Ministry of Education, visited the IMCPI China Shanghai Center for academic exchange.

The U5C teaching method. IMCPI Certification.

IMCPI officially releases Use 5C Teaching Method (U5C).

IMCPI has become the world's only international certification system for Chinese language teachers with academic research and pedagogy innovation as its core business and academic patents.

ABI Whole Brain Immersion method.

New teaching approach for foreign students.

Based on teaching experience in China IMCPI officially releases the ABI Whole Brain Immersion Teaching Method.

Introduction of different teaching approaches depending on nationality and cultural differences of Chinese language learners.

Cooperation with the department

of Education in Thailand

IMCPI cooperated with a local department of education in Thailand. IMCPI international Chinese language teachers were sent to a Thailandese international school to carry out teaching activities, exchange cultures and increase awareness of IMCPI in every part of the world. Upon completion of international teaching practice IMCPI teachers were awarded by the Thai authorities with corresponding certificates. 

New office in Denmark

Cooperation with the University of Melbourne 

In cooperation with the Danish government IMCPI set up a branch in Copenhagen, Denmark, becoming the first international professional Chinese language teaching institution in Denmark.

IMCPI cooperated with local colleagues in the University of Melbourne, Australia. IMCPI international Chinese language teachers arrived there to carry out teaching activities, exchange cultures and increase awareness of IMCPI in every part of the world. Upon completion of international teaching practice IMCPI teachers were awarded by the Australian authorities with corresponding certificates. 


IMCPI established a partnership with regional institutions in Spain to launch a one-year teaching internship in Spain.

IMCPI cooperated with local colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark. IMCPI teachers were sent to a Danish international school to carry out teaching activities and exchange cultures. During the program its participants learned the structure of Danish national education system, visited Hans Christian Andersen's former residence and other famous attractions. Upon completion of international teaching practice IMCPI teachers were awarded by the Danish authorities with corresponding certificates. 

Partnership with Spanish regions

Cooperation with a school in Denmark

Introduction of online courses

Due to COVID-19 epidemic outbreak the online courses were introduced in order to meet the growing need of students to work and study remotely.

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Integration of Harvard Online patented method

For the first time IMCPI integrated Harvard Online's patented teaching method into the international Chinese language teacher training system to help our students provide Chinese language teaching to global Chinese learners through the Internet.

MandarinSpring acquisition.

Certifying international Mandarin teachers.

IMCPI successfully acquired MandarinSpring, a famous Chinese institution, and expanded Chinese teaching services overseas with the help of MandarinSpring's valuable resources.

As one of the most widely recognized international Chinese language teacher certification systems, IMCPI has certified international Chinese language teachers in more than 100 countries and regions.







...to be continued!