Why you shuold learn Chinese now?

The most spoken language in the world

-Until 2019, there are 1.3 billion native Chinese speakers in the world. That doesn't mean only 1.3 billion people speak Chinese because this number didn't include non-native speakers. This means more than1/6 of the world population are Chinese speakers! Why not join them?

More efficient 

-Actually, because of the word structure of Chinese, you won't read a lot to gain enough message, in another words, its usually shorter than English and therefore saves your time.

It gives you a different perspective 

-If you have already learned some Chinese, you will know that some words actually only exist in Chinese which can never be translated correctly. Knowing those words will widen your perspective and the way you see things.

Improve your resume and unlock business opportunity 

-Passing HSK exams and gain a certificate will polish your resume and impress your future employer. On the other hand, China's economy size is booming is a rapid pace and knowing the language will help you to get a place in this enormous maket.

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