IMCPI's Reciprocal Chinese course

  • Course description:

       It takes time for a sapling growing up to a tall tree, and when tree leaves fall, they fertilise a new sapling. Just like this natural cycle, IMCPI's Reciprocal Chinese course provides you an opportunity to teach others Chinese, after you have mastered Chinese with us or from other places. Firstly you learn, then you teach, and after that, your student will start teaching others Chinese, this is the whole point of Reciprocal. However, knowing a language doesn't necessarily mean you can teach it and able to gain the certification, and here we are providing you this course, not only training you to become a qualified Chinese teacher, but also help you to achieve a certification, hence you can be a professional and certified Chinese teacher in the future and able to work in anywhere as this title.

  • Course feature: ​​

  1. Course content includes Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence building and etc. Each content break as different blocks. The course is displayed as downloadable videos.

  2. Videos are focused on practical learning and teaching, and based on our teaching methodology such as "flashcarding methodology", "colourlist methodology" and "substitute vocal methodology".

  3.  All of our videos and teaching methodology are certified by Pearson UK.

  • Course Package includes:​

  1. Various videos that are linked to each block.

  2. Each block has homework and learning feedbacks.

  3. Knowledge exam online with appraisal service.

  4. Online video exam with appraisal service.

  5. Learning materials(including international mailing cost).

  6. Teaching tools(including international mailing cost)

  7. International certification as a Chinese teacher, which is certified by Pearson UK. (For students who only finished all the blocks only)

  8. Students will have their personal tutors, who are responsible for academic guidelines.

  9. The online session before exams(optional, before exam only, 45 minutes per session)

  10. Mock exam for knowledge testing.

  11. online 1-1 session twice, 45 minutes per session(optional).

  12. Application for IMCPI global working partner(optional).​

  • Course flexibilities:

 Since our courses are recorded videos, you can start your class at any time, and practice at your preferred locations. No restrictions at all for this course!​

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*1: our price is listed by Euros, if you are not from Europe and for your convenience, please check our currency converter below the price chart.

*2: We charge our registration fee for €65

*3: This course applies to people who have already learned Chinese.


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