IMCPI's Summer Camp program(the Year 2020, Shanghai)

  • Program's feature: ​​

  1. Learn Chinese: Some people say "learning is an alternative way of​ having fun." If you participate in our Summer Camp program, we will arrange our experienced teachers and spend three hours to learn Chinese together(daily). We have our self-taught patent teaching methodology which maximises your learning efficiency. Our teaching syllabus is focused on daily activities and scenes and you will have plenty of chances to practice the language on those occasions.

  2. Explore the city: Shanghai is truly a mesmerising city, from ancient temples to luxurious shopping malls; from modern skyscrapers to natural woodlands, you will feel and taste the elements of China.

  3. Cultural immersion: We will combine our Chinese class and cultural activities together, in order to help you to understand Chinese history and culture thoroughly by participating in 20 different activities including visiting historical architectures, taste Chinese cuisines and sharing lifestyles in China.

  • Target audience:​

 If you are between 14 and 17​, and willing to leave a colourful and fantastic experience for your teenage years, you have come to the right place! Join our summer camp in China, and you will be amazed by the enormous Chinese civilization and its endless charms, and making friends internationally by learning Chinese. We pick Shanghai as our Year 2020's Summer camp location because Shanghai is an alluring global metropolis, and you will have a lot of fun exploring this city. We will take ample care of you from the aspects of transportation, meals, accommodation, Chinese class, and activities, and ensures you enjoy your times at our summer camp program. All you need is to open up yourself and making more friends! :) 

  • Program package includes:

  1. 15 hours Chinese class(weekly), 9:00~12:00 daily, with 30 mins break.

  2. Each class consists of less than 11 people and provides customized study feedback and reports.

  3. Participate in Chinese cultural activities(up to 20), includes Taichi, Mahjon, making dumpling, the Bund tour, writing couplets.

  4. Welcome pack, including the city map, IMCPI designed school bag.

  5. Accommodation: International hostel. If you require other types of accommodations like hotels, please inform us.

  6. Airport pick up/drop off

  7. Tickets for museums and tourist attractions are provided.

  8. For increasing your learning efficiency, you can ask for an extra 10 lessons one-on-one Chinese lessons, each lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

  9. Interpreter services.

  10. Health care insurance.

  • Price and Schedule:

  1. Time: there are two options, both of them lasts for two weeks:

- July 6th,2020-July 19th,2020​.

-Aug 3rd,2020-Aug 16th,2020.

​    2.​ Price: €1980/per person.

*1: our price is listed by Euros, if you are not from Europe and for your convenience, please check our currency converter on the left-hand side.

*2: If 5 or more people participate together, all of you will enjoy a 5% discount. If 10 or more people participate together, all of you will enjoy a 10% discount.


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