A place to visit:
Tsingtao Brewery Museum

May 9, 2021

If there's one drink that is popular around the whole world - it's beer! People drink beer on all kinds of occasions: birthdays, parties, picnics, sports-related events such as soccer games etc. Chinese people are not an exception - they are true beer lovers! There is even a place in China where you can drink beer while looking at the whole brewing process. What if we tell you that this place always full of original freshly brewed beer (even before packaging) that you can taste and drink FOR FREE? Intriguing, isn’t it?


Today we would like to introduce you the Tsingtao (Qing Dao) Brewery museum (青岛啤酒博物馆). Sounds familiar?That's right! The world-famous Tsingtao Beer was first produced there, and today this brewery museum is still manufacturing original Tsingtao beer, sorting it in packages and shipping worldwide.

During the visit you will see how the brewery functioned decades ago, as well as observe the modern brewing process. You will get to know different sorts of beer and their specialties, will learn which awards they won and finally, will have an opportunity to move on to the most exciting parts of the exhibition… No, not beer tasting yet. We are speaking about the "drunken house" - the area, which was designed in a very special way (sloped walls and tilted objects) to make everyone entering it feel instantly tipsy.

As it was mentioned before, you really can have a free glass of draft Tsingtao beer with a free refill! And if you are willing to pay 78 RMB extra (about $11) in the themed bar, you can taste a complete set of Tsingtao beer, including its various types (draft, Pilsner, IPA). 

If you missed a chance to travel  to Qing Dao city (where the museum is located) during this 5-day vacation devoted to the International Labour’s Day, make sure to book your tickets for the next holiday - it’s definitely worth your flight ticket!


Written by Francesco Peng for IMCPI