May 5, 2021

Summer is finally coming! And this means that all citizens of China will soon experience the whole range of weather events. 

Get prepared to use the word "sun" - tàiyáng [太阳] - very often, because a typical Chinese summer will, without any doubt, give you a generous suntan. To avoid getting a sunburn though, we recommend carrying a little umbrella [sǎn] with an SPF filter in your bag.

In line with sunny days you will also experience lots of rain - yǔ - 雨. This Chinese character is easy to remember - just look how greatly it represents a rainfall under an umbrella!

A combination of and tàiyáng is usually followed by a cǎihóng [彩虹] - rainbow. Go to the Bund to enjoy the best view on cǎihóng in Shanghai!

The best time for summer walks in the city is when the sky is clouded over with yún [云] and the temperature - wēndù [温度] - is cooling down a bit. Warm fēng [风] - wind - can also be very pleasant.

Although during léidiàn - thunderstorm - we recommend staying at home as in China it can be very (!) intense.

Written by Yulia Chiaradia